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About the Author:

Dr. Jayani Kalupahane

Dr. Jayani Kalupahane, a registered homeopathic doctor in Sri Lanka, is the author of healthlessons4u.

She brings her years of clinical and healthcare technology experience to help consistently create high-quality, empathetic, and engaging content and products that uphold the highest medical integrity.

She studied BHMS-Homeopathy in National Institute Of Homeopathy in Kolkata.(Class of 2017)

She is a former intern (medicine) in National Institute of Homeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, GOVT. of INDIA. And she worked as an intern (medicine) in Chittaranjan Seva Sadan & Sishu Sadan Hospital in Kolkata, India.

At present, Dr. jayani Kalupahane is working as a Registered Homeopathic Doctor in Sri Lanka.